Vaping Exposes Users to Permanent Injury Associated With Dangerous Battery Explosions

The law office of Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, P.C. has been retained to represent a victim who was terribly burned and disfigured after a vape battery suddenly exploded. There was no warning of the impending disaster and the battery caught fire while in the client’s pocket, burning through his clothing, skin on his thigh and almost to the bone. The burn injury victim was forced to endure skin grafts and continues to have an unsightly scar as a result of the personal injury accident.
This type of case is called a products liability action and many of these cases have been filed against battery manufacturers because of the defective condition of the batteries. Because of the dangerous materials used in the battery, strict liability in this personal injury products liability action may become an issue. We will blog developments in this case as it moves ahead.

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