Hear From Our Customers

We could not be more satisfied with the care and consideration given to my parents by Gaydos, Gaydos &Associates. Joseph and his team are true professionals and have always been helpful and attentive, also a shout out to Sherri and Teri, who went out of her way to help us with paperwork when we were in transit. We would go to them first with any legal matter.

Lisa G

I was treated very well at Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC. My calls were returned promptly and the case that I had was settled much quicker and for more than I expected....

Ron W., White Oak, PA

When I tried to handle my parents Estate, I was lost, frustrate and didn’t know what to do, it was overwhelming. Deb at Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC got it all straightened out within weeks. Thank the Lord for her!......

Debbie C., North Versailles, PA.

Sheri at Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC is the best! She was in constant contact with me regarding my medical progress, she became my friend……

Robert W., Glassport, PA.

Joe and his associates really helped me out when I was down, they helped protect my interests while going through rough time. They were more like friends than Attorneys. I would recommend Joe and his Associates to anyone going through a tough time in life. Thanks Joe, Mike and Sheri for all of your help…

John J, West Elizabeth, PA.

We could not be more satisfied with the care and consideration given to us by Gaydos, Gaydos &Associates. Joseph and his team are true professionals and have always been helpful and attentive. We would go to them first with any legal matter.

Arthur & Dorothy M.

Joe Gaydos had handled many closing and other cases over the past 30 years, they all worked out in my favor. His lawn firm has done an exceptionsl job, I have recommended them to many friends and relatives. You can't go wrong with Gaydos, Gaydos & Assoc. 

Fred L.

I would like to give a five star shout out to Joe Gaydos and associates for being such fabulous attorneys and getting the job done right. Thank you so much!


I was involved in an auto accident and the at fault driver's insurance company kept giving me the runaround. Gaydos ,Gaydos & Associates P.C. took my small case and helped me win against the large auto insurance company and collect a settlement from them. I appreciate their efforts and recommend the firm to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.

Jason P.

As a college student looking at off-campus housing I had many questions about leasing and negotiating pricing. Before the semester I stopped in and was graciously welcomed and spoke to Joe Gaydos and was then referred to another lawyer in the firm who was very knowledgeable about leasing. They were very polite and it was well worth my time.

Andrew H.

Professional, Outstanding and Caring. It was a pleasure working with Joe and his complete crew. I can't thank them enough !

Joe M.

I can't recommend this law firm enough. I am involved as the Plaintiff in a Civil Case that has been termed a "nightmare case" by the court office. Michael, Mr. Gaydos and the entire staff have gone above and beyond in helping me by answering all our questions taking all our calls promptly and representing me on a moment's notice. On behalf of my dad, my stepmom and myself we can never thank you enough.

Rachel K.

I dealt wit Joe and mainly Mike to handle my divorce and they couldn't have been more knowledge, more empathic, more informative, and just overall wonderful through the entire experience! They were 100% on my side through the entire ordeal and made the process as easy as possible for me! I can't thank them enough!!!! If you haven't chosen Gaydos then you've chosen the wrong wrong attorney! Thanks again for everything guys!!

Jen V.

"It is my great fortune to be represented by Gaydos and Gaydos, Associates, P.C. Divorce has been a life-altering event , with every emotion possible. However, I can always count on Attorney Michael to be a steady, even support. Both Michael's extensive knowledge of Family Law and vast experience with divorce cases, have helped me deal with the highs and lows of property distribution, discovery, and opposition delay. I can attest to the best kind of treatment, to being informed, to having actions explained, and to knowing that my questions will be answered timely.

The Gaydos and Gaydos staff greets clients with respect and kindness. Many thanks go to Attorney Joe, Attorney Lori, Teri, & Sheri. As a professor, I have written many letters of recommendation; but this one is personally meaningful because it allows me to sing the praises of professionals who are strong and hopeful, who live up to their promise of "duty to protect". In that regard, a special acknowledgement goes to Michael, a talented attorney, skilled negotiator, tremendous teacher, and an emphatic professional. It is a pleasure working with you. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Lucy T

What other Attorneys say about Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC

Robert H. former Partner at K & L Gates, Washington D.C. wrote:

As a former Partner at K & L Gates, one of the largest law firms in the world, I had the opportunity to access some of the best lawyers in the United States.

I was personally sued in Allegheny County in a matter in which a claim for over $2,000,000.00 was made.

I trusted my matter to Attorney Joseph Gaydos at Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC. Joe understood my case and the intricate legal issues that were presented. He was aggressive and a Jury Verdict was rendered after 5 days of trial that saved me over 2 million dollars.

I highly recommend Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC as a capable, energetic law firm that has produced excellent results for me.

Ryan T., Criminal Lawyer, Pittsburgh, PA

I refer my clients to Joseph Gaydos, Jr. at Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC for any civil litigation matters. My clients are happy with the representation that they receive and I have never had a client who hasn't been grateful for making the introduction to Joe for him to offer his help in resolving my client's case.

I have referred many personal injury clients to Joe including slip & fall cases, automobile wrecks and crashes and he has done wonders in finding sources of insurance for those that may be subject to limited tort if they have suffered serious injury.

Joe Gaydos remains a great resource to my firm and helps me to keep my client's legal needs met, competently and successfully.

Stan S., Pittsburgh, PA opposing attorney in a jury trial

"I thought both his opening and particularly, his closing were very effective. He argued disagreements we had as to the instructions to the jury in a thoughtful and articulate manner...... the amount of the jury award was no more than he had offered prior to trial and was clearly a victory for his side and a vindication of his evaluation of the case. And this result occurred despite the fact that his client was unable to testify because of the Dead Man's Act.

Results: Millions of Dollars collected on behalf of our clients:

Commercial Transportation Case - Fractured hip: $1,350,000.00

Contract defense action: $2,000,000.00

Business Dispute re: property: $475,000.00

Electrician - Cervical Fusion: $650,000.00

Big Box Store Slip & Fall - Broken ankle/RSD: $500,000.00

Left Hand Turn - Motorcycle accident - Hip fracture: $575,000.00

Electrocution - Wrongful Death: $350,000.00

Elevator Shaft Fall - Fractured arm: $275,000.00

Motorcycle Accident - Fractured femur: $250,000.00

Intersection Accident - Hip fracture: $400,000.00

Motorcycle Accident - Death: $250,000.00

Passenger Struck by Police in Robbery Chase: $350,000.00

Golf Cart Rollover - Hip fracture: $175,000.00

Restaurant Slip & Fall - Rotator cuff: $125,000.00

Bar Fight Injuries: $100,000.00

Bar Shooting Incident: $200,000.00

Officer Slip & Fall on Defendant's Porch: $85,000.00

Jail Hanging Suicide: $100,000.00

Emergency Room Mistreatment results in Hip fracture: $100,000.00

Auto Accident - Facial fracture: $200,000.00

Toe injury - water heater dropped on foot: $125,000.00

Police Officer struck while in cruiser: $145,000.00

Automobile Collision with tri-axle - Broken leg/femur: $350,000.00

Dog Bite Case - Lip injury: $55,000.00

Slip & Fall - inadequate handrails - Bilateral broken Upper extremities: $175,000.00

Just a few of the successful results achieved for the thousands of clients of Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, PC.