Personal Injury and Maintaining Treatment

As a personal injury law firm with a reputation for aggressive client advocacy, GG&A has received
a great many inquiries from accident victims regarding how COVID-19 might affect the outcome
of their legal claims. While the pandemic has dramatically altered the way we conduct our daily
lives, it is important to remember that the value of any personal injury action is connected to the
frequency and compliance with doctor-recommended treatment. Even with a stay-at-home order
in place, you should not forego essential therapy and visits that will aid in your recovery, and we
can assist you in working with your health care professionals to find alternative solutions so that
you do not need to suffer gaps in your treatment. The professionals at GG&A understand that we
are all in this together and we make ourselves available for no-cost remote consultations for all
personal injury matters. Contact us at (412) 678-7900.