Don't Cause Family Fights After You're Gone

Don't Cause Family Fights After You're Gone

Hire an estate planning and administration lawyer today! Serving White Oak, McKeesport, Elizabeth Township & Surrounding Areas

Take control of your future today. Work with a talented estate planner for preparing wills and planning for your children’s care. After you’re gone, would you rather your children be at peace or fight with the courts over your estate? Put everyone’s minds at ease about the future when you take time to carefully plan your estate. Schedule a consultation with an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible.

We are located in White Oak, PA but serve the surrounding Allegheny, Westmoreland, Fayette, Green, and Washington Counties. 

What will your estate administration attorney do for you?

Have you been named an executor, executrix, or administrator of an estate and you don’t know what to do, call us we can help.Probate assets, rule 5.6 notifications, Rev 1500 Forms, Accounts for audit, and family settlement agreements are only a few of the issues that will face you as a person responsible for an estate in Pennsylvania. 

Let us use our years of estate administration experience to walk you through the mine field of estate settlement and administration. Don't let yourself be subject to a law suit by angry beneficiaries, or heirs involved in the estate for making a mistake of missing a deadline. 
Our attorneys will help you:


  • Petition for guardianship of a loved one who is incompetent, has dementia, or Alzheimer’s diseas
  • Petition for guardianship of a minor
  • Prepare your living will and health directives
  • Prepare a Power Of Attorney (POA)
  • Prepare your last will and testament
  • Set up a trust
  • Name an executor of your estate
  • Plan for the care of your children
  • Create an estate plan




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