White Oak, PA Serious Accident Lawyers

The serious accident lawyers at Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C., are experienced with motor vehicle accidents. We understand that many dangerous highway accidents could have been avoided had there been proper warning. Our attorneys can help represent those injured as a result of a dangerous roadway. Attorney Joseph Gaydos, has experience in defending government municipalities for over 30 years against tort, injury claims. If you suing the prospect of suing a government or municipal body for your injuries attorney Gaydos' experience will make you a winner.

If you have been involved and injured in a motor vehicle accident on a Pennsylvania highway, the personal injury attorneys at Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C. will investigate the matter and get the maximum settlement you deserve.

Pursuing Liability for Dangerous Pennsylvania Highways

If your car accident has been caused by any of the following reasons, you could be entitled to money from the commonwealth, city, township, or municipality in which your accident occurred:

  • Failure to maintain roads
  • Poorly engineered roads
  • Dangerous highway intersections
  • Insufficient/ineffective signage or traffic controls
  • Defective road design
  • Improper drop off or water drainage

Our team of attorneys will assist accident victims with serious injury and wrongful death cases.

Contact a Dangerous Highway Attorney Today

Contact a Dangerous Highway Attorney Today

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