COVID-19 Update

We Are Here For You

Unfortunately Corona Virus is real and it is here to stay for the near future.

At Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, P.C. (GG&A), we are complying with the Pennsylvania Governor's Orders to shut down and shut in.

From the beginning of this terrible situation, the attention at GG&A has been directed toward how do we do our part to help battle this virus? As importantly is the question, "How do we continue to service the current and future clients of GG&A by taking care of open files and creating a system that allows us to take care of our new cases and clients"?

High on the list of goals for GG&A is to keep our lawyers and staff productive as our level of commitment to our employees would make a reduction of personnel or layoffs a last choice. Our lawyers and staff are talented and have developed relationships with our clients that allow them to call us for advice as easily and comfortably as calling a friend or family member.

During this crisis, we want to make it clear that we are available to continue our services to you, offering advice and preparing the necessary documents to address your needs.

How can we continue to handle your auto accident, divorce, visitation, support, estate planning, will preparation, estate administration or any other legal need in a way that ensures both our lawyers and staff and our clients remain safe?

We have all of our employees connected to the office server and computer through state of the art, virtual private networks which allow the entire team at GG&A to continue to work on our clients' matters in real time from the safety of their home. Additionally, we have replaced the telephone system at GG&A to a hosted cloud based telephone system that is seamless and acts as if each person was sitting at their individual office no matter where in the world they may be.

Each of the above investments in technology assures that we can offer our clients the two most important qualities in providing legal services, access to information and the ability to communicate to the client. All of the technology is encrypted and safely allows business to be conducted without breaches of security and privacy.

We will continue to handle your ongoing case in a responsible and professional manner. Your phone call to GG&A will be answered and you have access to the lawyer handling your matter. We are able to continue to create the documents needed to move your matter through completion and in the event that notary services are required, we can assist by providing curbside service. It is our aim to allow your legal matter to be handled as efficiently as possible without requiring you or our staff to physically be present at the office.

Please allow us to continue to serve you during this time of apprehension and worry by giving us a call with your issues that may arise.

Thank you for your loyalty to us in the past and as times and circumstances change, please know that GG&A continues to adapt so that we can provide professional convenient services to you.

Your legal team at GG&A, where you get the "Attention you deserve, and the results you Expect!"