“New Year, Time for a New Look”

It’s another New Year and it is time to look at what occurred over the past year and reflect upon how it has changed your life. 

Perhaps you have had children or grandchildren come into your life this past year. 

Have you lost a loved one?

Perhaps you were married, or, hopefully not, divorced over the last year. 

Did you hit the lottery or pick a great stock that has changed your life?

Did you finally invest in the property of your dreams?

What do all of the above have in common?  All are important reasons to review your estate plan with your lawyer.

A review of your estate plan will ensure that your legal documents such as your “Last Will and Testament,” “Power of Attorney” and “Health Care Directive” are current and reflect your wishes and desires accurately.

At Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, P.C., we have attorneys on staff that will work with you to create the legal documents that you need to effectuate your wishes.  In the alternative, our lawyers can modify your current documents that you have had previously prepared.  We can help you address the life changes that happen to all of us sometimes and are more often than not recognized to cause a need to update or create your legal directives. 

Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, P.C. offers Estate Planning packages that include for both husband and wife, simple wills, powers of attorney and living will/healthcare directives that are priced to beat the competition.  Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your family are prepared to be treated as you wish if sickness or tragedy strikes.  “Call us today to protect your tomorrow”