New Castle Car Accident Lawyer

Attorneys at Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C. understand that car accidents happen in an instant. Victims of auto accidents in New Castle, Pennsylvania, located in Lawrence County, can count on our personal injury attorneys for assistance. We assist you in getting the care and the settlement that you need.

If You Don't Know What to Do

Have you been injured in a New Castle, Pennsyvlania car accident? If you or a loved one is suffering injuries or serious injuries, such as spinal cord injury and brain injury, as a result of an auto accident, our personal injury lawyers are ready to assist you. We can help you get the medical care and money you deserve. The attorneys at Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C. know how to successfully handle your car accident case.

Consult a Lawyer

Consult a personal injury attorney at Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C. to learn more about getting the attention your automobile accident case deserves. Call us toll free today at 
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