Motorcycle Accidents on rise with the Warm Spring Weather

The past couple weeks have a brought a number of calls to the office in re to Motorcycle accidents! Our office has represented Motorcycle Drivers in hundreds of cases throughout the years. Attorney Gaydos has been a Motorcyclist for over 40 yrs and understands how Motorcycle accidents happen.

Having been involved in a couple of bike accidents himself he says ” Most of the time it isn’t the bikers fault!” If you have been involved in a Motorcycle accident give us a call. Motorcycle accidents are different than auto accident cases because the laws governing Motorcycles are different than the Auto Laws and the perspectives from the Motorcyclist Point of View are also Different. Let someone who understands what happened to you represent your personal injury case!!!!

Call Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C. today to represent you!!!

Successful Negotiation of Marcellus Shale Pipeline Oil and Gas Easement

I am happy to report that we were successful in wrapping up an agreement for access roads and a oil and gas easement agreement.

My client has over 100 acres in Greene County Pennsylvania and was approached regarding the transfer of easements rights for a below ground Gas and oil Pipeline. The issues that faced my client was the proper amount of compensation for the pipeline and access roads as well the appropriate provisions to incorporate in the Pipeline Agreement.

Various issues arose such as restoration of ground water sources after the Pipeline is installed as well as aesthetic issues related to the restoration after the Marcellus Shale Pipe was installed. Addressed were ditching methods, indemnification of the client if lawsuits should occur and various provisions to protect and include my clients on the Gas and Oil Transmission Line Companies Insurance Policies.

When our Law firm was hired to represent this individual, the Gas and Oil Pipline Representative was offering the landowner $33,000.00. Last week after 3 months of work we closed the deal with the Client Landowner recieving over $357,000.00 for the deal.

Let Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates represent your interest when the Gas and Oil companies call you to negotiated an easement on your land for a Pipeline. If a Marcellus Shale Company comes calling to negotiate a drilling Lease. ensure that you have our experience on your side before you try to negotiate with the Marcellus Shale Gas and Oil Pipeline Company.

Call; us TODAY!!! Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates, P.C. 412-678-7900 Remember we can help you with all of your Legal needs!

Jury Trial Report

The jury trial this week was a winner. This trial was regarding a rearend collision auto accident. The injured victim in this auto wreck suffered pain had injections to her hips and suffered wage loss.
The jury came back with a verdict as to negligence in my clients favor however, the damage award was inconsistent. We will file post trial motions to address the awarded damages which were inadequate considering the out of pocket and wage loss awards that were given in this car crash case.

If you have a negligence case and would like to have it reviewed, give me a call. Remember at GG&A we don’t accept inadequate offers from an Insurance Company. If they refuse to pay we go to trial!

Welcome to the Gaydos, Gaydos and Associates P.C. Blog

Welcome to our Blog. We will start posting later this week in earnest.

This week is somewhat hectic at GG&A. We are preparing for a Jury Trial that will begin on Weds. This case came about as a result of a client being Rearended. We have been successful by receiving an award in our clients favor in the Arbitration Forum however, the Insurance Company has appealed that successful award. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that you can do except to Try the Case!

We have represented injured people in PA. for 24 yrs. Auto accidents, slip and falls and medical malpractice are areas in which my law firm practices. We are proud that we don’t recommend that our clients accept inadequate settlement.

Give me a call if you wish to discuss your matter. Otherwise look forward to our blog that will discuss topics of interest such as auto wrecks, motorcycle injuries, slip and fall cases, scar cases, Broken bone cases and many unique cases that we have dealt with over the years.